The first hospital information system in the Republic of Ireland is designed to cut out queues and unnecessary bureaucracy.

The new information technology system was launched by Minister for Health Rory O'Hanlon at Letterkenny Regional Hospital in County Donegal.

The new technology puts the Letterkenny hospital way ahead of its European counterparts.

Less time spent on administration and more time on the patient.

Under the new system, patient details are taken once on admission and there is no more form filling. The plan is to roll out the new system in other Donegal hospitals and in GP practices.

Staff nurse Susan Gallagher explains how the new time saving system works.

The system will also speed up the ordering of laboratory and radiology results, patient transfers and discharges. Computerised scheduling of clinics will also greatly improve efficiency.

Management Services Officer Pat Dolan believes that the new system will lead to a reduction in waiting lists.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 17 July 1990. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.