Families of MRSA victims react to damning report.

Independent consultants examined cleanliness standards in 54 acute hospitals following growing concern about the rising levels of hospital acquired infection in Ireland. In a report published on 3 November 2005, they found that half of hospitals were dirty. The dirtiest hospitals were found to be St Columcille's in Dublin, Beaumount in Dublin and Waterford Regional Hospital. The cleanest hospital was found to be Mallow General in Cork.

John Kilraine meets the families of those infected by the hospital bug MRSA in this RTÉ News report. Ruth Murdiff, whose husband died from the bug, points out that the hospitals were warned before. According to Stephen MacMahon of the Irish Patients' Association,  

Our organisation on a daily basis has been hearing from patients. But we didn't have the hard evidence to show that so many of our hospitals are below acceptable levels of hygiene standards.

Noleen Friel is angry because she has to care for son in her own home.

An RTÉ News report from 3 November 2005.