A one hundred and two year old Roscommon woman recalls her early life and gives thoughts on modern Ireland.

Mrs Maguire from the townland of Lisdaly near Croghan in County Roscommon celebrated her 102nd birthday on 15 April 1970 with a quiet but enjoyable party.

Mrs Maguire was one of many young Irish people who emigrated to America. She travelled by a "grand steamer" boat on a journey which took fourteen days.

Born in 1868, Mrs Maguire was the eldest of eleven children and emigrated to her uncle in American where she had the opportunity to find employment. She found work with a company that manufactured ladies wear and soon America became home.

America to me was home.

Mrs Maguire had very little interest in politics as a young woman but remembers that the British were still in control of Ireland.

Having lived through many significant moments in world history such as the arrival of the television and the moon landing, Mrs Maguire believes that anything is possible.  Her advice for a long life is to

Have a good strong mind, anything is possible.

This episode of 'Newsbeat' was broadcast on 16 April 1970. The reporter is Michael Ryan.