As Ireland changes there are fears among some that the presence of the devil could grow in modern society.

Following comments made by Cardinal O'Connor at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York about the presence of the devil in modern society, Pat Kenny asks the audience of 'Kenny Live’ if they believe in the devil?

I believe the devil is about.

Cardinal O’Connor said that the devil was present in heavy metal music and at rock concerts and that,

Certain beats were the devil’s beats.

Father Aidan Carroll is a firm believer in the devil and his influence on young people in modern day Ireland. 

He’s a very, very evil spirit.

He does not visualise the devil but senses his presence whenever he sees evil. While Fr Carroll is convinced the devil is active in Ireland, he only knows of one case of possession.

I think the Ireland of today is fast becoming an area where God is becoming very very much just a sideline in many people’s lives. He’s becoming someone that really doesn’t matter in their lives.

This episode of ‘Kenny Live’ was broadcast on 24 March 1990. The presenter is Pat Kenny.