A group in Limerick inspired by Mardi Gras parades are creating carnival figures from cardboard.

Terry McGowan a member of the committee says the sculptures first came about in 1952, as a means of raising funds.  Fellow committee member Christy O’Brien had visited Spain and seen Mardi Gras figures and thought something similar could be done in Limerick.

When he got home he found the ones in Spain were far too heavy, they were made of plaster, so he thought it would be a good idea if they could be made locally out of cardboard.

The smaller sculptures resembling heads can be worn by individuals. These are stored in the Scout Hall in Hartstonge Street, whereas bigger sculptures such as a dragon and an elephant are kept in sections and stored in Michael Street.

Joe Jones is making a model of a duck with a moving jaw out of strips of cardboard and hot glue. When the frame is complete it will be covered with wallpaper and painted.

We work at night time, it takes about a month I’d say, altogether.

When complete, the sculptures are clothed and the ladies committee are responsible for this task. 
Monica Jones is working on a drape for a head of the boxer Sonny Liston and she says they also have a head of Cassius Clay.

A ‘Newsbeat’ report broadcast on 19 December 1964. The reporter is Arthur Quinlan.