Young people discuss the relationship with parents as they go from childhood to adulthood.

Two female and two make teenagers talk about the expectations their parents had of them as they developed from children into independent adults.

One of the teenagers grew up as an only child in a one parent family. She has a very close relationship with her mother who made sure she got a good education.

That was the one thing that she was really kind of strict on.

One of the male teenagers says his parents are separated. At the time of their marriage breakdown, he was aware of having to please both of his parents but admits using the situation to his advantage.

I played off the two of them for a while when they was getting separated, but it was the best thing they ever did.

His sister and brother both did really well in their Leaving Certificate and have good jobs. He left school when he was 16 years old and is trying to make a living in the music business. Seeing him do well in his chosen career path has allowed his parents relax about his lack of formal education.

They realised that I was different from the rest of my family.

Parents provide a nurturing atmosphere in which a person can grow into an independent person and make their own way in the world. However teenagers question everything and want to from their own goals, standards and values.

Parents find it very hard to recognise this emerging adult. They’re never really ready for this change in their children.

The other male teenager is adopted and the eldest of three children. He always felt different to his siblings who are academic, whereas he is interested in writing music and poetry.

The other female teenager recalls a time when she broke her mother’s trust and how difficult it was to rebuild that link again.

They give you a lot more responsibly if they trust you, they treat you more like an adult.

This episode of 'Scratch Saturday' was broadcast on 16 December 1989.