Two teenagers who claim they have nothing to wear get help from fashion designer Joanne Hynes.

Sarah Flanagan and Chris Kavanagh are going through a clothes crisis, and are in need of help, according to the letter they have written to 'Style Stream'. 

Fashion designer Joanne Hynes, visits the teenagers to check out their wardrobes, and finds that things are not as bad as they seem. 

Chris Kavanagh likes sportswear, t-shirts and denim trousers. Sarah Flanagan is very funky, but has a lot of girlie clothes which she does not really like any more. Joanne Hynes says it is possible to upcycle your wardrobe.

I came up with a couple of ideas to funk them up, so he doesn’t have to break the bank either.

An inexpensive iron-on print transforms a denim shirt Chris was tired of, and turning trousers inside out gives them a fresh look. Another print on a t-shirt and cutting off the arms completes the outfit, and all for only £8.

For Sarah, Joanne Hynes altered an old pair of trousers into a skirt, and changed a tired top into a stylish new one with three quarter length sleeves. 

I love it!

This episode of ‘Style Stream’ was broadcast on 4 November 1999. The presenters are Sharon Monaghan and Steve Curran