All of the latest designs for children are on display during a fashion fair at Ireland House in Dublin.

Boys and girls, some as young as two years of age, model the latest fashions. All of the clothes on show are manufactured in Ireland. However, Irish manufacturers have only forty per cent of the Irish children's fashion market.

Children's fashion are pushing way ahead to even be competitive with ladies. Irish manufacturers are very conscious of quality, style and cut and I think they're making really inroads into the Irish market.

With dresses at a price of between two and six pounds, PJ Kaye believes that Irish mothers are willing to pay the price for style.

Roddy Hickson, Director of new fashion company Eirewear, believes that Ireland is still very much behind the trend and that much of what is made in Ireland lacks colour. 

We're inclined to be too classical.

Roddy Hickson points out that as Ireland becomes more affluent, people are willing to increase what they spend more on clothes. 

This episode of 'Tangents' was broadcast on 28 September 1973. The reporter is Janet Moody.