Leo Sayer talks about childhood holidays in Ireland, dressing as a clown and owning a pet rat called Eric.

British pop star Leo Sayer was in Dublin for a performance at the RDS. The singer spoke to Inge Hubrich about spending time in Ireland as a child, his Irish family and how he became a performer.

Having an Irish mother meant that Leo Sayer has fond memories of childhood summers spent with relatives in Ireland. 

He gave up art college to pursue singing as a career. In the beginning, Leo wore a clown suit and makeup while performing. 

I was playing the part of a sad clown. I thought it would be a good way to convey the songs that I was singing.

As his musical style changed, he dropped the clown makeup and his career has really taken off.

Leo Sayer thinks of music as a hobby rather than a job and enjoys all types of music.

He also answers a few questions from fans about his star sign and whether he has any pets, and autographs some photographs for them. He also reveals that he has a pet rat called Eric. 

The Irish fans have been tremendous.

'Youngline' broadcast on 22 November 1979. The reporter is Inge Hubrich.