Individuals and the government in Ireland need to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

A new international report by Arctic Climate Impact Assessment predicts that global warming is going to lead to the melting of arctic sea ice during the summer months resulting in the extinction of polar bears. The report is based on the research of 250 international scientists.

Ireland's leading expert on climate change, Dr John Sweeney, has warned that both the Government and the public urgently need to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Over the past thirty years, arctic ice has shrunk by as much as twenty per cent.

John Sweeney of the National University of Ireland believes that there is little we can do to stop this but we can alter the longer term prognosis by taking steps now to turn things around. 

Anti global warming campaigners want the government to do more but feel to date, at least, not enough has been done.

Pat Finnegan of Greenhouse Ireland Action Network says that the findings of this report were already known.

Climate change is happening and is going to continue happening and it's going to get worse.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 November 2004. The reporter is Paul Cunningham.