Comedian Spike Milligan joins a campaign to get Ireland to sign up to the International Whaling Commission.

The Irish Wildlife Federation used a giant inflatable whale as part of the St Patrick's day parade in Dublin to highlight international concerns over the survival of the whale. Comedian Spike Milligan took part in the parade to encourage public support for the save the whale campaign. As well as entertaining the crowds Spike encouraged people to lobby Irish politicians to get Ireland to join the International Whaling Commission.

Spike Milligan spoke to Fergus O'Gorman of the Irish Wildlife Federation about why people should be concerned about the future of the whale. 

We are part of this globe. The whales are our brothers and sisters of the sea. They are our brothers and sisters like us they want to live.            

This episode of Anything Goes was broadcast on the 4 April 1981. The reporter was Dave Heffernan.