Three native Americans bring their dance, music and spirituality to Ireland.

Mrs Russell, Tommy Weir and Ron Nq are in Ireland as part of the Friendship Force, an international cultural exchange programme. All are involved in the teaching and practice of various aspects of indigenous culture such as music, song and dance. 

They are members of the Native American Church, which combines aspects of Christianity with the indigenous Peyote religion, and explain to Gay Byrne that when European missionaries arrived their tribes adopted the Christian God as their own, as, 

It was so much the same that there was no way you could argue with it.

Dancing is also an important part of Native American culture, and was traditionally performed in preparation for battle or when returning in triumph. They also dance for other reasons, which Ron, a High School Senior and competition dancer, demonstrates, 

This is for more of a joyous occasion, a social occasion.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 13 October 1979. The presenter is Gay Byrne.