Having broadband available in every home in Ireland should not be a far fetched idea but for many it is not an option.

The lack of availability of broadband in Ireland means that only 65,000 homes and businesses are accessing the service.

Conventional internet dial-up is noisy, slow and expensive.

Broadband offers a connection up to forty times faster than conventional dial-up and it does not tie up your telephone line. So why are people not connecting to broadband?

For many people in Ireland, broadband is not an option. 

Damien Carbery, an IT professional living in Blanchardstown would like to work from home but cannot due to the lack of availability of broadband in the area. 

A recent survey found that almost half of Irish businesses do not have access to the level of broadband services they want. 

At the moment, only 65,000 homes and businesses have a broadband connection.

Lobby group Ireland Offline says that the monopoly held by Éircom over the telephone infrastructure is the cause of the problem. Elean Kehoe of Ireland Offline says,

Eircom has a lock on all the phone lines in this country and it prevents everyone else from getting broadband.

David McRedmond Commercial Director at Eircom says that the company is aware of the problems and is working to improve the service. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 30 August 2004. The reporter is Anna Murphy.