Dublin City Council fines local and European election candidates who have not taken down election posters.

In Dublin Gay Mitchell’s election team are removing European election posters after Fine Gael apologised to being late in getting them taken down.

Dublin City Council has advised that any local or election posters which remain in place after midnight tonight will fall under the Litter Pollution Act and are subject to a fine of €125 each. The fine can be imposed on every single poster for each day that it is still up.

Fine Gael acknowledged that it has been remiss in removing Gay Mitchell’s posters, and explained this is due to a combination of some posters being placed very high up and

Bad weather conditions over the past few days posed a safety hazard for the teams trying to remove them.

Dublin City Council’s litter wardens are also hard at work taking down posters, and Tom Loftus says they are will continue to keep a close eye on the capital’s streets,

If they have posters still up, we will take them down but we will issue a fixed penalty notice to them.

Only 45 local election candidates have availed of the council’s removal and recycling service, at a cost of €300. The service was also offered to European candidates, at a higher rate of €3000.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 June 2004. The reporter is Orla O’Donnell.