Residents protest over a stretch of noisy nightclubs in Lower Leeson Street Dublin.

Members of the Lower Leeson Street District Residents' Association have no issue with restaurants operating in their locality. However they believe some nightclubs are contravening planning laws and causing great nuisance.

Residents say many nightclubs remain open until 4am and are excessively noisy. Patrons leaving premises in the early hours of the morning and are being sick and urinate in doorways of private houses in the area.

The Lower Leeson Street District Residents' Association have been complaining to the nightclub owners, Gardaí, Dublin Corporation and the Minister for Justice Gerry Collins for the past two years.

To highlight their cause, members of the Association took to the street in a midnight picket. Actor Cyril Cusack believes the feelings of local residents should be taken into consideration,

I see no reason at all why we should mimic other cities, that I think is one of our worst dispositions in this country, is to follow in the wake of other cities.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 May 1979. The reporter is Roberta Wallace.