The people of Dun Laoghaire give their impression of Jesus Christ and what they consider special about him.

'Who Do You Say That I Am?' is the question that Jesus Christ put to Saint Peter, who according to the Gospel described Jesus as the Christ, the son of the living God.

According to one woman, his most important deed is the forgiveness of the people who crucified him. 

He died on the cross for us.

It is reported that in the last one hundred years, sixty thousand books have been written to address this question. 

'Where Do We Stand? Who Do You Say That I Am' was broadcast on 15 April 1979. The presenter is Morgan O'Sullivan.

‘Where Do We Stand?' is a five part series examining the challenges of handing on the Christian faith in Ireland. The series is produced by Fr Billy FitzGerald, Head of Religious Programmes at RTÉ. Each episode considers a different aspect of traditional Christian faith; the existence of God, the basis of morality, forgiveness and redemption, prayer and Jesus the risen Christ. During each episode, people on the street give their opinions on traditional Christian principles. 'Are You Saved?' is the third programme in the series.