Bringing the beliefs and practices of the Hare Krishnas to the streets of Dublin.

Hare Krishna followers appear in traditional robes, with shaved heads and face paint at Saint Stephen's Green in Dublin singing and dancing and surrounded by onlookers.

If you behave yourself very nicely and you follow all the rules and don't break the laws of nature, you can make advancement... and in your next life you can take on a higher position.

Followers of Krishna explain their beliefs and the Hare Krishna mantra as they collect contributions and spread the word of Krishna. They are also critical of the "temporary designations" of modern life and the lack of spiritualism. 

This episode of 'Hindsight 'n' Things' was broadcast on 20 July 1973.  

Hindsight 'n' Things was a series of magazine programmes from RTÉ's Religious Programmes Department exploring ideas in religious and social matters. 'Hindsight' was first broadcast on 6 July 1973 and was presented by Sean Egan.

Series producer Peter McNiff described the series in The RTÉ Guide  

We shall be looking at different religious ways of life, not all of them Catholic, the people who live them, their beliefs and their attitudes to life.

(29 June 1973, Vol.10, No.26, p.13)