The oldest rugby ground in the world Lansdowne Road in Dublin has a new stand.

The new East Stand cost £4 million and holds thirteen thousand providing ten thousand extra seats. 

Rugby Correspondent for The Irish Times, Edmund Van Esbeck explains how the construction of the new stand was finances. He believes that the cost is justified by the international matches that will take place in the grounds which will fill seats and create revenue for the Irish Rugby Football Union.

I think it's the loveliest of all grounds and compares very favourably with any stadium in these islands.

Rugby enthusiasts say that this is the best thing to happen to Irish rugby in years. 

While the new stand is welcomed by rugby fans, some would prefer if it had never been built. One resident at O'Connell Gardens Michael Payne described the stand as a monstrosity and says it overshadows his garden.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 28 January 1984. The reporter is Mary Fanning.