La Ventana a 19th century ballet by Danish dancer and choreographer August Bournonville.

Anna Donovan and Patricia Crosbie dancers with the Irish Ballet Company perform a scene from 'La Ventana'. Donovan is dancing the part of Signorina, while Crosbie is her reflection. 

The Irish Ballet Company production of 'La Ventana' was recorded in Studio 1 for RTÉ Television between the 1 on 4 March 1977. It was first broadcast as part of the series 'Folio - The Arts in Ireland'  on 20 September 1977.

When 'La Ventana' was broadcast for a second time on RTÉ 2 on 26 January 1984 the Irish Ballet Company had been renamed Irish National Ballet.

'Folio - The Arts in Ireland : La Ventana' broadcast 20 September 1977.  

La Ventana, Anna Donovan and Patricia Crosbie (1977)
La Ventana, Anna Donovan and Patricia Crosbie (1977)

Photo by John Rowe.

Patrick Murray designed the costumes for the Irish National Ballet and the theatre set. A new set was prepared for the television recording designed by Charles Self.
The original choreography by August Bournonville was reproduced by Hans Brenaa. The artistic director was Joan Denise Moriarty.
Music by Hans Christian Lumbye and costumes by Patrick Murray. 

The production also featured Richard Collins, Joanna Banks, Katherine McInerney, Babil Gandara, Carol Bryans, Jill D'Alton, Margaret Goodner, Victoria Lee, Sven Bradshaw, Kevin Batten, Terrance Grizzell, Denis Spaight.