Pets which were Christmas presents have been abandoned and are now in the care of the Dublin Cats and Dogs Home.

Theresa Cunningham says that the number of animals being rescued is normal for is time of year. They are bracing themselves however for when the Christmas holidays end, 

A lot of puppies which will have been children’s pets won’t be grown tired of until the children are back at school.

Three men have brought in a box of four puppies which were abandoned at a bus stop in Finglas.  A lone pup running across the road caught their attention,

When we looked, there was a box at the bus stop a big Cornflakes box, and the other three was in it.

Another pup was rescued after it was thrown out of a car on the Stillorgan dual carriageway.  But pups are the lucky ones. Seventy per cent of the dogs here will be put to sleep if homes can’t be found for them.  

Hope comes in the form of members of the public who are genuine animal lovers, such as this man, who wants to give a rescue dog a home,

The poor things are going to be put down eventually, so it’s nicer to possibly get one out of here.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 January 1989. The reporter is Maggie O’Kane.