Meet the singing priest. Father Michael Cleary entertains audiences across the country with humour song and dance.

Father Michael Cleary is one of Ireland's best known priests. As well as being a curate in the parish of Ballyfermot in Dublin he also writes a newspaper column and will sing, dance and tell a joke on stage.

He became a singing priest by accident, but since then he has released two albums and performed in front of huge audiences.

Fr Michael Cleary's is in Errill, a village in County Laois to take part in a Pioneer Association concert programme. He is the main draw for the 400 people packed into a converted school for the event.

Driving back to Dublin, Fr Cleary talks about being a show business priest. Far from being scandalised by his hip swinging style, he receives a great reception from audiences. He has also performed for many of the bishops and none of them think there is anything wrong with it.

It’s enough of a send up for people to realise that it’s a send up rather than thinking I’m sexy.

To many people, particularly those living the country, Father Michael Cleary appears broadminded for a priest, and finds many people confiding in him about problems they are facing.

It's been a tremendous apostolate in that way as regards to drawing problems to me.

'Radharc : And Now Folks, Fr Cleary' was first broadcast on 22 December 1978. The reporter is Christy Kenneally.