Search underway for Don Tidey following the abduction of the business man near his home.

On 24 November 1983 Quinnsworth executive Don Tidey was kidnapped from outside his home in Rathfarnham, Dublin. The morning after the kidnapping, there was heavy security at the Tidey home with Gardaí refusing to allow journalists anywhere near the house. 

Garda forensic officers were continuing the painstaking search for clues.

Chief Superintendent Patrick Culligan, who is leading the investigation, spoke to RTÉ News about the latest developments in the case. A breakthrough has been made in the investigation with the arrest of a forty year old man from Tralee who is currently being questioned by Gardaí. According to Chief Superintendent Culligan, there has been no contact with the kidnappers to date and there has been no ransom demand made. 

The search for Don Tidey and his kidnappers is believed to be the biggest investigation of its kind since the Tiede Herrema kidnapping in 1975. 

The investigation continues with a heavy Garda and army presence throughout the country with security checkpoints evident along the border and in and out of Dublin. All restrictions on Garda overtime has been lifted to provide more resources to the investigation. It is estimated that nearly three thousand members of the security forces are involved in the operation. 

Gardaí are searching for three of the cars used in the kidnapping - a yellow mini, a red Commer van and a brown Renault. Although it is still not confirmed who Gardai believe to be responsible for the kidnapping, it is thought that they may be members of the Provisional IRA. Gardaí are convinced that Mr Tidey is still alive and sooner or later there will be some contact from the kidnappers. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 November 1983. The reporter is Charlie Bird.