These young boys have very clear ideas of the roles for men and women in the workplace.

Boys from the Sacred Heart National School in Dublin talk about what job they want to do when they grow up and whether they would be interested in pursuing a profession traditionally thought of as women's work.

From an early age children form opinions on the careers available to different genders with many jobs such as teaching and secretarial work considered to be women's occupations.

One boy interviewed wants to be in the Army and another wants to be a footballer. While it is accepted that women have roles in the Army,

There's women officers but they don’t really do anything because they’re only sitting in the office, and people are coming round reporting, saying things to them, and they’re just saying OK tell the sergeant.

None of the boys interviewed would like to be a secretary with one boy adding,

Some secretaries is really only for women because, well, it's not really important.

A ‘Women’s Programme’ report broadcast on 31 October 1983. The reporter is Marian Finucane.