Martin Cahill the man who denies he is 'The General' appears in court wearing a wig false moustache and glasses.

Martin Cahill appeared at the Four Courts accused threatening to burn down the house of his elderly next door neighbours. Cahill who was at the centre of a four month Garda surveillance used a decoy to try to fool photographers and cameramen. While in court Cahill wore a wig, false moustache, and glasses.

Following the adjournment of his case, Martin Cahill left the court, and  issued a short statement to reporters. Wearing a balaclava Cahill sang and danced while removing his clothing to reveal a Mickey Mouse tee shirt and boxer shorts.

Cahill was then arrested, and later released.  Shortly afterwards he speaks to Una O’Hagan, who puts it to him that if he were innocent of alleged crimes, he wouldn’t need to wear a balaclava.  Cahill doesn’t agree,

Maybe if I was guilty I probably wouldn’t.  Seeing that I’m innocent, I do.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 April 1988.  The reporter is Una O’Hagan.