Protests against the Iraq War take place in Dublin and across the country.

An estimated 10,000 marched through Dublin city centre to Government Buildings as part of nationwide anti-war protests against the war in Iraq marking the beginning of a week of mass protest.

At College Green air raid sirens sounded as protesters lay down to illustrate the slaughter of Iraqi civilians in the war and to condemn what they see as Irish support for it.

Green Party TD John Gormley addressed the protesters,

Bertie Ahern had the audacity to come into the Dáil and say Ireland was still neutral, Bertie Ahern you are a disgrace, and the people that voted for that motion last week, you are a disgrace.

Members of the Irish Muslim community felt it is time they had their say on the war, including a nine year old girl who addressed the crowd,

What did the children of Iraq do to you to kill them?

Hundreds of people marched through Waterford while in Belfast up to 2000 people marched through the city centre with trade unionists and local politicians, including Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams.

In Galway the figure was similar, growing in number as it passed through the city centre. In Cork 3,000 people took to the streets to voice their opinion against the war in Iraq saying the bombings must end. In Killarney, County Kerry, those worried about the effect of the war on its tourism industry held a prayer rally for peace.

Anti-war demonstrators are now planning a mass march to be held in Dublin city centre on 29 March 2003.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 March 2003. The reporter is Ray Kennedy.