The use of makeup to disguise skin blemishes or disfigurements can help restore confidence and self esteem.

Our appearance plays a huge part in our level of self-confidence and how we feel about ourselves. 'Head to Toe' looks at how camouflage make-up can cover blemishes, scars, and birthmarks to improve self-confidence.

Since World War II camouflage makeup has been constantly improved and the role it plays in restoring self-confidence is quite astonishing.

The 'Anne Weekes Beauty Salon' on Waterloo Road in Dublin, are specialists in the field of camouflage make-up. 12-year-old Carol Shakespeare has a slight discoloration on her face and has come to the salon to get a cover. Beautician Anne Weekes talks Carol through the process of matching up the skin colouring so that she will be able to do it herself.  

According to Anne,

The camouflage make-up can be used to cover almost any mark that you could think of a scar, a birthmark, a port-wine stain, vitiligo which is a loss of pigment or hyper-pigmentation where you get brown marks, ladies that have had mastectomy operations, almost anything you could think of.

Another client at the salon is Cathal Henry who has come to get a tattoo cover-up. A pale green cream is applied to the skin to eliminate all colour visible from the tattoo and to provide a neutral base before choosing the correct colour combination to match Cathal's natural skin tone.  

Camouflage is a dense but light ointment based cream, allergy free, and can be used on all skin types as it's completely pure... they are easy to apply and are fully waterproof.

The area is then sealed with a translucent powder which helps to protect the camouflage. 

The final client is 18-year-old Kerry Hayed from Ballybrack in Dublin, has been using the camouflage make-up for the past three years to cover a birthmark. For Kerry, the make-up has made a huge difference to her life as her confidence grew.   

As camouflage, it's a miracle really.

This episode of 'Head to Toe' was broadcast on 2 February 1993. The reporter is Barbara McMahon. 

'Head to Toe' was a weekly lifestyle programme which focused on clothes and fashion. 

'Head to Toe' ran for 10 series between 1988 and 1997. The first show was aired on 21 October 1988 and was presented by Frances Duff, Mary O'Sullivan and Marty Whelan. 

Mary O'Sullivan described the show as Carol Shakespeare

A magazine mix of everything to do with clothes, people, the rag trade in general, personalities, swap shops, the nostalgia scene, people's private collections, country shopping and dressing and budgets and even problems. 

(RTÉ Guide, 14 October 1988, p.6)