Could a gay quarter in Dublin attract more tourists to the city?

Dublin's gay community has been thriving in recent years it is now being suggested that the establishment of a gay quarter in Dublin could attract more gay and lesbian tourists. The suggested area is around South William Street in Dublin's south city centre. 

Is it ready to be Dublin's gay quarter?

Brian Finnegan of the Gay Community News, believes that a gay and lesbian quarter could be a real possibility for Dublin and looks to a city like Manchester which has seen a huge investment of gay money to rejuvenate the city.

Lesbians and gay men tend to go towards safe areas where they feel comfortable.

Declan Martin of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce believes the establishment of a gay market would offer commercial benefits to the city.

International research has shown that gays generally earn more and spend more than the average so that would be an important consideration.

In 1997 tourists in Dublin spent around £500 million and the "gay spend" constituted approximately 5% of this. 

Frank Magee of Dublin Tourism is in agreement that a gay quarter would attract more tourists to the city. 

Many of the tourism publications now list gay nightclubs gay pubs, restaurants, gaty areas within the city there is quite an extensive network.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 January 1998. The reporter is Anthony Murnane.