Peter Ustinov talks about some of the many characters he has created, his love of music and a trip to Ireland.

Actor, author, producer, director and mimic, Peter Ustinov tells Cathal O'Shannon about his latest film 'Hammersmith Is Out' and reflects on his life and work.

Described by Ustinov as "a very free variation on the Faust legend" 'Hammersmith Is out' tells the story of a homicidal maniac named Hammersmith played by Richard Burton who's locked up in an asylum, a male nurse named Billy Breedlove played by Beau Bridges, and Billy's girlfriend Jimmie Jean Jackson, played by Elizabeth Taylor, who works in a sleazy restaurant.  Ustinov plays the head of the asylum. 

It's a rapid glimpse of the way society seems to be shaping today.

Ustinov and O'Shannon also chat about Ustinov's skills of mimicry, his love for music, the characters he plays, and a previous visit to Ireland in the company of a Japanese guide. 

This episode of 'Tangents' was broadcast on 8 November 1972. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.