People on the streets of Wicklow Town discuss wills and whether they have made one.

In advance of the Law Society of Ireland’s 'Make a Will Week', people on the streets of Wicklow Town give their opinions on will making. They talk about why they have, or have not, declared who will inherit their estate.

A number of people interviewed say they cannot be bothered to make a will as they are too young, have nothing to leave, or they just don't see the point of making one.

An elderly man made a will because.

Someone will have to settle the bills, that’s what I’ve left.

Others who have made a will, have done so to ensure their families are protected when they die.

If anything happened to me the wife and children are protected.

Making a will also makes things easier for those left behind.

I want to make sure that the wife gets what I leave because if anything happens and everybody fights about it there’s nothing left, the solicitor gets it.

All of those interviewed with wills, made them using a solicitor, however one woman who is married to a solicitor will be doing it herself because,

I have a sort of lack of confidence in the professional classes.

She believes a woman should make a will however another woman without a will, thinks the notion of a woman making a will is ridiculous.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 November 1982. The reporter is Peter McNiff.