A walking tour through the Vale of Avoca in Wicklow which inspired poet Thomas Moore to write 'The Meeting of the Waters'.

The Vale of Avoca is one of the most exotic parts of Wicklow completely different from the rest of the county.

Presenter JB Malone opens this programme providing an outline of the route that will be taken starting from the meeting of the waters, on to Castle Howard, through the old mines, and to the Motte Stone which is one of the best viewing points in East Wicklow.  

Thomas Moore's bust, Saint Kevin's Cup, the Lion Arch, Bedell's Folly, Saint Bartholomew's Church, mine shafts and engine houses, and the Holy Year Cross, are just some of the sites that can be seen along the route. 

This episode of 'Mountain and Meadow' was broadcast on 22 August 1962. The programme is presented by JB Malone and produced by James Plunkett.

'Mountain and Meadow' was a summer programme aimed at lovers of the countryside and takes viewers on a series of walking tours through Dublin and Wicklow.