The Granard Festival reinstated after a gap of two centuries is back with harp music at the centre of the event.

The festival's grand parade provides an insight into Granard's colourful history with reenactments of famous battle scenes. The return of the festival is largely down to the Parish Priest of Granard Fr Francis Gilfillan. 

Granard's history is peppered with colourful personalities.

In 1781 a local man John Dungan sent back money from Copenhagan so that Granard could call out the blind harpers of Ireland to make music. The harp players are once again back in Granard and have travelled from all over the world. Anne Heymann, a harpist from Minnesota describes how she came to play the harp and provides a short history of the instrument.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1982.