A week to highlight the work of the Samaritans and to inform people of the charity's telephone helpline service.

In 1976 the Dublin Samaritans received over twenty-six thousand calls, about seventy every day. Now operating in most large towns throughout Ireland, over one hundred thousand Irish people contacted the Samaritans in 1976. 

They're kept busiest by young people in their twenties.

Joan Carr of the Samaritans says that through a 24 hour telephone service they offer callers a compassionate listening ear. The most common problem they are confronted with is depression followed by marital problems. While doctors report that suicide in Ireland is lower than in other European countries, Joan Carr says that attempted suicide is quite high.

The Dublin branch of the Samaritans was founded in 1970 and now has 320 active volunteers. It is hoped to promote the service further to others in need of help throughout the week.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 April 1977.