The 'Householder's Guide To Waste Recycling' lists a number of Dublin depots, charitable or otherwise, where people can bring waste to be recycled, reused, resold or reconstituted.

The directory is published by the National Board for Science and Technology (NBST) which also provided a grant for its planning and production. However, the main work on the guide was carried out by a group of volunteers who call themselves ‘waste watchers’.

The guide aims to make people in Dublin more aware about recycling depots and receiving points such as the Shelter Referral bottle bank on the Merrion Road, or the Daisy Market off Capel Street, in Dublin city centre, specialising in second-hand clothes.

A spokesman for the NBST says recycling is for everyone, private companies and individuals alike. Encouragingly we already recycle more metal, paper and glass than we realise, but the key to building on this success is to ensure waste is separated before it is dumped.

If you mix waste you've enormous costs involved of separating it afterwards.

If we were to recycle efficiently the national potential for savings is about £29 million so,

If we even get a fraction of that, your're not doing too badly, even 10%, you're doing very well.

The 'Householder's Guide To Waste Recycling' written and compiled by Frank Burke and Anne Marie Richardson

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 December 1981. The reporter is Emer O'Kelly.