Two of the most dangerous animals in the world provide an early Christmas present for a Limerick girl.

Thirteen year old Andrea Taylor from Castlemahon in county Limerick received an early Christmas present of two tigers from her father.

Andrea says she wants to breed the tigers and then place them in a zoo or release them back into the wild.

About the size of fully grown donkeys, the two animals are redundant performers from Duffy's Circus.

The tigers are living in the family's back garden in county Limerick. Andrea's father, Stafford Taylor is currently looking for financial sponsorship to build a safe and secure compound for the tigers. He has also had to reassure the neighbours of their safety while living next door to the two animals. According to Stafford the tigers are safer than the bulls in the fields, as they are locked up.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 November 1991. The reporter is Gerry Reynolds.