Irish poet, novelist and Professor of Modern Literature at Trinity College Dublin Brendan Kennelly.

Brendan Kennelly is interviewed by Augustine Martin for the series 'Writer in Profile'. He explains that for him,

Poetry is a sort of connection between the individual mind and all these minds and sensibilities that move outside you.

He tries to connect with the world about him through poetry, but the challenge is to find a style of connection that allows him to say personal concerns that will relate to everyone.

I dislike confessionalism, the place for confessionalism is the confessional, it’s not poetry, I don’t like poetry that throws itself at an audience.

This is illustrated in his poetry collection ‘The Voices’ published in 1973 in which he makes inanimate objects such as an island, a shell and bread talk. He goes on to recite ‘Bread’ and explains the motivation behind the poem. He tries to be aware of everything around him.

My desire would be self knowledge, but celebration of otherness.

This episode of ‘Writer In Profile’ was broadcast on 17 October 1976. The presenter is Augustine Martin.