How composer Gerard Victory came to write music for the Irish language newsreel Amharc Eireann.

Gael Linn approached composer Gerard Victory about writing music for the Irish language newsreel Amharc Eireann. In this interview recorded for the series 'Memories in Focus' Gerard Victory recalls how he set about creating compositions for a range of occasions and moods.

The Amharc Eireann newsreel would be reporting on an array of subjects sport, annual festivals, industrial shows and news stories.  

On that basis I wrote about ten or possibly twelve self contained pieces ranging from a minute in length to about two minutes in length dealing with possible backgrounds to these situations that might arise.

Included in the extract here is a report from the Gael Linn produced Amharc Eireann newsreel on the Shannon Air Disaster of 1961 that left 83 people dead after an outbound flight crashed into the River Shannon.

The six part series 'Memories in Focus' traces Irish film making from the earliest days to the mid 1970s. 'Memories In Focus : The Creative 50s' was broadcast 25 May 1995