A tribute to musician and composer Joan Trimble at the Music in Great Irish Houses Festival.

Mount Stewart in Down is hosting the latest in the series of Music in Great Irish Houses Festival. This event is paying tribute to a piano duo the Trimble sisters Joan and Valerie from Enniskillen who began playing together over 60 years ago.

Joan Trimble attended the Irish Academy of Music in Dublin and later went to Trinity College. While in her last year at university She was invited to play piano on Count John McCormack's farewell tour of Ireland. John McCormack encouraged her to continue with her music. In London, she studied composition and piano.

During the Second World War Dr Arthur Duff of Radio Éireann wrote to Joan Trimble asking her to compose a piece as part of some new Irish music works they were commissioning.

I started on the work but before I was very far gone with it I had a letter from Dublin saying very sad but the concert has been put off. It is not going to take place... I looked at the bits I had written and said I will turn that into a two piano piece.

The piece was 'The Green Bough' which was performed at Mount Stewart by Una Hunt and Stephanie Hughes.

This edition of 'Nationwide' was broadcast 13 June 1995. The reporter is Michael Fisher.