The Sunday Game panel analyse the first half of the 2011 All Ireland Football Semi Final between Donegal and Dublin.

Under manager Jim McGuinness Donegal had built their season on having a sound defence yet the extreme to which they were prepared to take this plan took the GAA world by surprise in their All Ireland Football Semi Final with Dublin. Leading by 0-04 to 0-02 Donegal left the pitch at half time to boos from the Dublin supporters and wild cheers from their own fans.

As The Sunday Game panel began their analysis of the game Pat Spillane was initially speechless before summing up his thoughts,

I have seen the apocalypse there in the last 38 minutes. Remember that tribe there in Iraq the Shia tribe. Well we have watched shiite football.. some of the coaches nowadays should be... for crimes against football. This was awful.

Joe Brolly takes a different view believing that it

It is absolutely fascinating in my view what is happening out there. Obviously it is not entertainment from that perspective but it is fascinating to see it.

The second half was again low scoring before Dublin eventually broke the Donegal defence to win with one of the lowest scoring semi-finals in memory. The final score was Dublin 0-08 Donegal 0-06. 'The Sunday Game' discussion was one of the first of many reactions to how the Jim McGuinness managed Donegal had changed the game of Gaelic football.

This episode of 'The Sunday Game' was broadcast on 28 August 2011. The presenter is Michael Lyster with a panel of Colm O'Rourke, Pat Spillane and Joe Brolly.