World Super Middle Weight Champion Steve Collins and challenger Nigel Benn came face to face in Manchester for a press conference to promote their forthcoming title fight.

Nigel Benn arrived at the press conference 90 minutes late leaving the World Champion, the media and fans waiting at the Victoria and Albert Hotel in Manchester.

At the press conference both fighters declared their mutual respect for each other. However, when RTÉ reporter Colm Murray quizzed Benn about why he was late, Benn took umbrage, feeling disrespected and refused to speak to RTÉ.

Later, Colm Murray tried to apologise for any misunderstanding in his question but Benn refused to accept an apology. RTÉ Sports commentator Jimmy Magee also gets involved in the dispute outside the hotel.

Steve Collins did speak to RTÉ News and said he was looking forward to the clash with Benn. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 14 May 1996.