Rule 27, the ban on foreign games, is removed from the GAA constitution at the first congress to be held in Ulster.

Rule 27 forbade members of the Gaelic Athletic Association from playing or attending foreign sports.  The GAA Annual Congress was held at Queen's University Belfast at Easter 1971. 

This was the first GAA Annual Congress to be held in Ulster. Speaking to the assembled members on Saturday 10 April President Pat Fanning describes the occasion as one of the most historic since the foundation of the organisation in 1884. He also outlines what the future may hold for a reshaped GAA without Rule 27. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 April 1971. The reporter is Mick Dunne. 

'Weekend Sport' broadcast a report from the GAA Congress showing President Pat Fanning declare an end to Rule 27. In this address he describes the rule as

A rule of life and reflected and epitomised the very spirit of our association. The rule deleted. What then?