As preparations are under way for the 1995 GAA Annual Congress there is a question mark over a motion to lift the ban.

Motion 43 of the GAA Congress was due to debate the removal of Rule 21 which prohibits members of the British security forces and the RUC in Northern Ireland joining the GAA.

Tony O'Donoghue reports for RTÉ News on feelings about the motion due to come before Congress the next day. 

Acting secretary of the Dublin County Board John Costello believes it is time to remove Rule 21

Especially with the peace process and the peace initiative in the North. Also with the removal of the troops from the streets they feel the time is now right for the GAA to lift the ban.

Hugh McPoland a delegate from Antrim feels that it is too early to put the motion to Congress this year. During the past 25 years, there have been difficulties in Northern Ireland between the GAA and the security forces. In the case of Crossmaglen in Armagh, the British army seized part of the club's playing grounds.

Bertie Ahern of Fianna Fáíl says that there is a need for better relationships between the authorities, the GAA and the British government to help the peace process.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 7 April 1995.   

Motion 43 was not put to deputies at the 1995 GAA Congress.