On 8 April 1986 Jennifer Guinness of the famous Guinness family was kidnapped and held captive by an armed gang for eight days.

Brendan O'Brien reports for 'Today Tonight' two days after the kidnapping took place and the Gardaí seem none the wiser as where Mrs Guinness is or who is responsible for her abduction.

To date there are no significant leads on her whereabouts or who the kidnappers might be. At the incident centre in Raheny, Dublin Gardaí officially say they have an open mind on the kidnapping but most signs point to a criminal and not a paramilitary gang.

This kidnap represents a significant and worrying escalation in Dublin's serious crime.

At a press conference the Garda Press Officer provides a description of who they believe the kidnappers to be, one of whom is referred to by his accomplices as "Colonel".

At the Guinness residence in Howth, Mrs Guinness senior is reluctant to comment.

The search goes on for clues as to what has happened.

A 'Today Tonight' report broadcast on 10 April 1986. The reporter is Brendan O'Brien.

Jennifer Guinness was abducted by masked men from her home in Howth and held at ransom in various locations before being rescued by Gardaí at a house in Ballsbridge.