At a cost of £800,000 the new equipment is already at work in the tele ad section where the staff take the classified ads by phone and set them directly for printing using the new technology.

The expansion of the new system to the newsroom and printing areas has come with agreement from trade unions in terms of pay as well as health and safety.

It's cost the Cork Examiner £800,000 to buy the new equipment.

The National Graphical Association representing the printers and the National Union of Journalists have agreed to the implementation of the new systems without the loss of a single day's work. The print composing room is now a quiet place of work in opposition to the previous noisy environment created by the linotype machines. It is planned that the newsroom will be transferred to the new visual display units by May 1986, replacing typewriters. Copy will then be sent directly from the newsroom for printing.

Agreements for the transition to this new technology came with some stipulations from unions including a £50 allowance for the use of glasses to see the visual display unit screens.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 March 1986. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.