A report on the recession and how it is hitting agriculture and industry in the south east of Ireland.

As the national unemployment level grows, so too does the dole queue in Wexford Town currently with 1,100 out of work. It is not just Wexford Town that is suffering from the economic impact of recession but also the rich agricultural land of county Wexford, with lay-offs on the rise.

Income falls on the land are crippling the town's services.

The traditional Wexford industries of manufacturing farm machinery and engineering are also in decline. Efforts by the IDA to boost industrial development in the area have failed to quell Wexford's record unemployment increases. The example of 'Life Savers' chewing gum factory is a case in point.

After only one year on the estate it closed and laid off its 160 workers. With it the bubble of 600 possible jobs simply burst.

This episode of 'Today Tonight' was broadcast on 9 March 1981. The reporter in Joe Little.