Michael Ashur describes the thinking behind his futuristic art works.

Michael Ashur says his work usually begins with an idea that he sketches out on graph paper to get an indication of the size of the final work. The next stage in the process involves priming the canvass which can take three to four months to achieve the required surface. He then begins working on the piece section by section all the time thinking of the finished picture. While much of his work may appear to represent the universe, Michael Ashur says there are many more concepts going on his work.

The infinity of the universe is like looking into the infinity of the human mind.

Michael Ashur explains that when you look at his paintings the surface disappears and you look through the work.

I'm a very personal painter. I paint for what I believe in.

This episode of 'Arts Express' was broadcast on 12 February 1991. The presenter is Mike Murphy.