Every year Jury's Hotel in Dublin organises a charity event for Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Tuesday.

In 1985 it was the Pancake Flipping Olympics and 1986 brings the Pancake Relay Road Race. RTÉ had two teams who went head to head for victory - 'The Late Late Show' and 'Radio 2'.

Contestants for the Radio 2 team included Marty Whelan, Tony Fenton, Barry Lang and Ian Dempsey.

Tony Fenton, Marty Whelan and Barry Lang
Tony Fenton, Marty Whelan and Barry Lang

Of the five teams in the race, 'Radio 2' came in second last place and 'The Late Late Show' team came last.

Madonna House in Blackrock was the beneficiary of the event. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 11 February 1986.