Pupils from the co-educational boarding school Kilkenny College give their opinions on the news stories of the day.

The major issues include: the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster in which all seven crew members died; the latest budget put forward by Minister for Finance Alan Dukes; cuts in grants for fee paying schools; a major arms find in the Sligo/Roscommon region of Ireland; the Northern Ireland elections; and the Superbowl final between the Chicago Bears and New England Patriots.

One pupil regards the hype surrounding the Superbowl as media brainwashing from America but concedes

I suppose it’s good in unemployment and all the rest that so many people can make a living from 35 seconds of killing the other fella on the opposite side of the field.

Another pupil is highly entertained by the Superbowl and is particularly impressed by Chicago Bears player William Perry knows as ‘The Refrigerator’.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 January 1986.