Clara Candy donate two and a half tons of sweets to children in orphanages in the Soviet Union.

The collapse of the Soviet Union which began in the 1980s lead to a huge number of orphaned children. Attaché at the Soviet Embassy Oleg Senchenko is grateful for the donation of sweets, but says more aid is needed for the Soviet people. He says the current situation in the Soviet Union is serious, there are problems with food. Some large cities like Moscow and Leningrad have a system of food coupons in operation. More food is needed for the people of the Soviet Union during the period of transition to a market economy.

Clara Candy director Peter Cullen says,

Well I just hope really that other Irish manufactures, particularly in the food industry would consider the children, particularly in Moscow at this Christmas period and make a small gesture like we have done.

The cargo of sweets is being transported to the Soviet Union on an Aeroflot Ilyushin 86 plane via Shannon Airport in County Clare. More aid flights to the Soviet Union are expected.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 December 1990. The reporter is Michael Lally.