December 8 is traditionally the day when people from the country headed to Dublin to start the Christmas shopping.

Dublin welcomed the country cousins for an occasion,

Something like All-Ireland day but this time it's ladies day out looking for Christmas bargains.

In the lead up to Christmas 1975 traders in Dublin predicted a record breaking spending spree, despite the recession.

Mr Vivian Dudgeon, Sales Manager of a large department store in Dublin city centre comments on the influx of country people

Today as you can see, we're thronged.

Mr Dudgeon describes the 8th of December as a day out for all the family, to bring the children to see Santa Claus, and to have access to a wider choice of products in Dublin city.

The large crowds in the city shops and streets also provides opportunities for criminals and the Garda Crime Prevention Unit issued a note of caution for shoppers,

It's pick-pocket time of year again. The golden rule is keep a tight grip on your purse and help insure a lean Christmas for the pick-pockets.

An RTÉ News report from 8 December 1975.