Grace O'Sullivan released from captivity on French naval vessel.

The Waterford woman was reunited with her family after 70 days at sea. Grace O'Sullivan had been on board the Greenpeace protest ship Vega when it was boarded near Murora Atol. She and three others were arrested and held  by the French navy for several days, with no contact to the outside world. Reporter Mary Fanning asks how she felt in this report.

Not frightened for our lives, but we were always frightened, because since the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior, we're never sure what reaction the French will take towards us.

O'Sullivan had been nearby when the Rainbow Warrior ship was bombed on 10 July 1985 while moored in Auckland Harbour, New Zealand. It had been preparing to sail to the South Pacific to protest against French nuclear testing in the area. One crew member, Fernando Pereira was killed.

An RTÉ News report from 2 November 1985.